How to Register


Tap on Register and enter your personal and shop details, save your details and login with your cell number and password to start using Spazapp. On registering,your cell number acts as an eWallet for purchases. To deposit cash, simply go to an ABSA ATM or ABSA Branch. Alternatively, you can use EFT. Input your cell number as a reference and account number 4088992530. Your Spazapp account will reflect the deposit within 15min. Once funds are reflected, you can begin trading using your account.

Placing an Order

Order products at great prices and have them delivered to your shop. 

Select Products, choose a category and pick an item, select how many shrinks and add to cart. Tap the Checkout button to place order after selecting payment method

Brand Connect

Do quick and easy tasks within the app to earn real cash to spend on airtime and other services.

Select Brand Connect and select and complete tasks to earn points and cash rewards!